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We are a global community supporting UK, North American, European, and Asian regions.Our mission is to bring your reselling game to the top for freeWe offer a range of tools and info to help you secure releases and succeed as a reseller.Members profit thousands every month and you can join us.Our exclusive features can be found in the channels on the left and below.


When something new comes up, we will ping you by sending an alert to your device.


Get reminded on upcoming drops with our alerts.We will ping you to always keep you updated throughout the day.


We offer tools, bots, and proxies for a lower cost than anywhere else

Autofill Shipping Service

Trouble copping? Increase your chances by filling out the Autofill shipping and ATC


We offer monitoring for over 300 sites with a “filtered” and “unfiltered” channels

Release Info

We offer in-depth release guides for every upcoming drop. Weekly drops including Palace, Kith, and Supreme.


Donuts makes sure to provide our members free items, products & food. Our team makes sure to always update our freebies list to always get the best deals.

Other Features

DiscountsPrice ErrorsDiscount CodesAmazon DealsCheckout LogsRetail MonitorsRaffle LinksCrypto MonitorMarketplaceSocial Media MonitorPokémon & NBA Top Shot MonitorA variety of discord reselling tools


AcePings is an EU/UK Focused Cookgroup helping you make thousands through reselling limited and exclusive items. Here is a small list of some of the services we provide: Restock information for Shoes/Clothing/Electronics Blazing Fast Monitors Botting Support Lowkey Flips Brick Flips Release Guides NFT Calls 1:1 Support + Plenty more Join the AcePings community todayWe are a global community supporting UK, North American, European, and Asian regions. Our mission is to bring your reselling game to the top. We offer a range of tools and info to help you secure releases and succeed as a reseller. Members profit thousands every month and you can join us. We also offer an ACO Extension included which the subscription allowing you to auto-checkout on 1100+ sites in seconds.

Simply unmatched by others, RapidRestocks is the all-in-one reselling community dedicated to helping our members by providing all of the information, resources and solutions you will ever need, either to begin, or advance your reselling journey. Why settle for anything less than the best? Check out just some of what we offer!

Polar Chefs is an all in one cook group, meaning when you join, you’re joining a group of like-minded individuals who specialize in copping hyped sneaker, streetwear and retail item releases. Our experienced support team will make sure you get the information and resources you need to increase your chances of copping profitable releases.The Most Exotic Cook Group Providing features most groups dont even think about ~ We don’t only focus on Sneakers either, we are a cook group that cooks anything with profit! We follow Sneakers, Streetwear, Collectibles, Electronics, Cards and NFTs! Members see $10,000+ profit a month, pretty good money for a $20/month membership!We’re a UK based ‘Sneaker/ItemFlip’ CookGroup! That help all of our members secure the latest releases for the personal or resell! We provide all of our members with the best information, Restock monitors, Tools, Bot groupbuys and loads more! The King of Concierge! A luxury concierge service for exclusive sneakers, high-end streetwear fashion and other lucrative collectibles. We offer members/clients multiple options: OBTAIN VIP, OBTAIN CHECKOUTS & OBTAIN R3NTALS. 1. VIP monthly subscription – $75/mo. Unlimited Slots, Free Entry Level Bot Rentals, Private Discord Cook Group, Every Monitor + More. 2. Pay After Success (PAS) Checkout Service – Fee Per Item Successfully Secured 3. Sneaker Bot Rental Provider – Daily, Weekly, Monthly The Best Automated Software in the Community Additional Info: Along with these services, we also offer a complete Shopify website where members and clients can buy and sell their products, purchase supplies and many other resources.
Shot Callers is a discord-based community dedicated to helping anyone and everyone maximize profits in all NFTs, sports cards, low key flips, coins, and so much more! Our experienced staff has helped our members maximize profits in all categories utilizing many of our in-house features.
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