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A community of US based entrepreneurs helping users succeed in the highly profitable sneaker industry. Our team of experienced resellers and sneaker enthusiasts provide exclusive reselling information and resources that give users a tremendous advantage at securing any release.


Alerts All members are alerted every time profitable products release at a random time. These are usually called ‘Shock Drops’ and our members get alerts through Discord for every single one of them. Resell Predictions We provide in depth resell predictions that determine what the resell value of products will be after they release, which helps members decide if they should hold or sell in order to maximize profits. Early Information Any early information about releases or shock drops are always sent out to members, making sure you’re prepared for anything. Site Lists Ares Notify provides lists of every site on the internet releasing a pair of shoes to make sure you have the best chances at securing the items you want. Monitors Supporting hundreds of sites, our monitors pick up ever drop at lightning speed. Never miss a restock again with our monitors for Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, and much more!(edited) Price Errors & Freebies Ever want a coffee maker for ₵75 ? Sometimes companies accidentally put products on their websites that are heavily discounted or even free in some cases. Our providers alert members as soon as they find these errors. Dedicated Support Team Our experienced support team are always ready to help with any questions you have, no matter if you’re new to the industry or experienced. We offer step by step instructions, 1 on 1 support, and much more. Discounted Slots Won’t be by your computer for a release? Leave it up to our botters to secure kicks for you using some of the best bots in the game. Legit Checks, Card Flips, and Much More The list doesn’t end here. You can also find legit checks to authenticate your sneakers and sports card flips in Ares Notify. Along with many more features to help you build your capital!


Ares Autofill Ares Autofill is a chrome extension made to help you speed through the checkout process of most major sneaker websites. Supporting Shopify, Supreme, Yeezy Supply and Stripe, leave your days of copy and paste in the past. With Ares Autofill all your checkout information is automatically filled and processed allowing you to checkout in 20 seconds or less. Ares Toolbox The Ares All In One toolbox provides users with all the tools needed to be successful at botting in the sneaker industry. Helping you with your captcha needs, twitter giveaways, proxy management and account generation, the Ares Toolbox is the perfect application for any botter. You’re never required to have a bot in order to make money with us, however if you do our AIO toolbox makes it much easier to prepare your resources for sneaker drops.




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