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Drop Notify – Reselling Reimagined

Drop Notify was created to take average people and turn them into seasoned and profit hungry individuals. We provide our members with tons of features, tools, partnerships, flips, and many other opportunities. Here is just some of what we have to offer:

  • Sneaker Monitors for over 200+ sites and counting. You’ll never miss a drop again.
  • Retail Monitors for Target, Walmart, Amazon, Newegg, Gamenerdz, Gamestop, and more.
  • Social Monitors will help you catch every bot restock and giveaway.
  • Raffle Monitors for every region.
  • Bot Restock service to guide you through every restock.
  • Group-buys / Partnerships with exclusive and top tier software and tools.
  • Release Information so you know what’s dropping and when.
  • So many Flips, Sports Cards, Pokémon Cards, Lowkey, Comics, Collectables.
  • Drop Proxies, our inhouse proxy solution. Simply DM our discord bot.
  • FREE ACO for every member. Meaning no need to worry about bots.
  • Backdoors from not one, but two providers.
  • Weekly / Monthly Giveaways from bots, proxies, accounts and more.
  • Discount Codes for sneakers, food, and more.
  • FREE Products via our Amazon review service

This is only on sample of what Drop Notify provides its members. With custom tools, software and more on the way, you’re definitely going to want to stick around. Come join us today!


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