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Introducing Ping Plugs Who are we? – We are a United States based cook group who will teach you how to be successful with helpful tutorials and guides. How much does it cost? – We are currently mid-beta, so, we are free. Once we release all of our features we plan on going paid for a great price! What do we offer? – In-depth release guides – Sneaker Investments – Hold or sell – Monthly/Weekly release calendar – Monitors (Shopify, Checkpoint, Supreme, Footsites) – Lowkey flips – Frequent giveaways – Free and/or cheap ACO – A free marketplace – Free legit checks – Price Errors – Discounted in-house bot rentals – 1 on 1 support – Stock numbers – Heavily discounted food – Capital allocation recommendations Those were just some of our features out of the many we have! Not to mention things like dedicated 24/7 support staff to help with any needs, hyped voice channels on drop days, or even high quality partnerships! There is so much more on the way to help you make a profit in reselling, this isn’t even halfway on whats up next. Don’t believe us? Come join and checkout for yourself!





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